Twerking Twits and Village Idiots

SOURCE: http://skreened.com
I know I may be a few weeks too late, but it doesn't matter. I still have plenty to say about this. You see, I did not watch the VMA, because I knew that I would only be disgusted. However, my news sources were bombarded with these images, and I decided to check it out for myself. I wanted to form my own opinion, thinking that it probably isn't THAT bad. It was. 

And in my opining, I've had people tell me that I'm overreacting and asked "what's the big deal" about Miley. Before I answer that question, let me inaugurate this suspected passionate and perhaps discourteous sentiment on the contentious matter. ... 

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I may not agree, but I will respect your right to have one and still love you despite the differences of opinions we may have. Having said that, these are why I am mad and disgusted with Miley Cyrus and the other idiots:

In our home, there is an intolerance for idiocy. We understand that there are villages who need one and keep one out of tradition, necessity, or other reasons. However, in this home, a village does NOT raise our children. We, the parents, do. And in this household, this family, we hold and teach values that tell our girls that they do not need to dress provocatively, to act vulgar, to be hypocrites (singing or talking about being a strong woman then dressing in chains, bonds, and thongs), to base their self-worth on how "sexy" they are. No. In this house, we value strength - of family, of self image, of mind, of spirit, of faith, of character. We aren't perfect and don't claim to be. But we are decent. So in this household, we don't need idiots like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and many sad, sad others. In this household, we are raising strong, intelligent, brilliant women, not sad little girls who are desperate for attention. That is my role as a responsible parent.

1) As a responsible parent, I should never be apathetic or ignorant to my children's milieu, positive or negative. It is my job to foster influences that enable them to be successful in their faith, careers, family, and self. It is also my job to thwart any negative influences that will prevent them from that success and strip them of their dreams and assurance that they are whole, just who they are and who God made them to be. It is my job to provide them the foundation that their worth isn't in materials, in boyfriends, in appearances, but in who they know themselves to be. And it is my job to show them that they are marvelous.

2) As a responsible parent, I should be diligent to provide them a childhood. It is my job to try and maintain our children's innocence for as long as we can. We want them to believe in miracles, to wonder, to laugh, to question, to learn responsibility, to be shocked at vulgarity, to not be callous to debasement, and to be children.

3) As a responsible parent, I should teach them the difference between what will fill them with self-respect rather than eventual self-loathing. That comes from learning that hard-work, strength of values and character, a plethora of support from those who genuinely have their best interest at heart, and having the foundation that builds character, not Twitter followers or YouTube hits. That is my job.

4) As a responsible parent, I should show them that what may be popular is not what's necessarily right. It is my job to teach them it's okay to work hard, to take the road less traveled, and to go against the flow. I find the last to be ironic. Because while Miley and all those idiots talk about how they are going against the flow, they are really just going along and meandering down that muddy water. But I will teach my children that they can stand on their own, because they have the strength and foundation to stand up for themselves.

5) As a responsible parent, I should give my children, at times, what they want. You see, they wanted to watch Hannah Montana. They wanted to purchase Hannah Montana clothes, jewelry, music, and other paraphernalia. I bought it for them. I also watch the show and movie with them. Having watched her progressive moral decline, we warned the children that our household will no longer be fans of Miley Cyrus. However, I hoped. I hoped that her parents would step in or that she would halt and become, once again, that person whom my children can love again. Instead, my hopes were answered by stoned bears, plastic underwear, and twerking of a mediocre-looking older man. My heart was broken, because my children's hearts were broken. They understood why they no longer should love Miley Cyrus, but that doesn't mean they didn't want to continue loving their Hannah Montana.

Furthermore, let me just say that Robin Thicke isn't off the hook. Because rather than honor his wife, he embarrassed her by allowing this foolish Miley to debase herself on him and with him. While I understand that the "show must go on," I would expect a decent man to apologize. Instead, he's continued to communicate that it's okay. It's okay to call a "good girl" a "bitch." It's okay to demean and exploit these twits and glorify "skankiness." But I think that Robin and his likes deserve skanks, unfortunate for his lovely wife Paula Patton. Because real men don't need twerking or blurred lines. They already have integrity and honor.