My Current Game Addiction

I've been addicted to this game, Entanglement - by Gopherwood Studios. The concept is pretty simple, really. Your goal is to match the hexagonal tiles to create the longest and most intertwined path. While you are working your way through this maze, you are treated with a backdrop of a zen garden and probably the best soothing music I've heard. You'd probably fall asleep if you weren't so focused on creating your path.

Each tile can be rotated to carve the path you want to take. Some are straight lines, while others meander throughout the maze. Be careful, however, some tile lead to a dead end. Then game over. What is wonderful about this game is that you cannot only be strategic on your current tile. You cannot plan ahead. However, there is a second tile you can try if you are not satisfied with your current one. Sometimes it helps; other times you're better off with the original.

We can pretty much look at life like this game. You want to take the best path, but there are times those paths are not the ones that are straight. Sometimes you have to make U-turns or take an alternative route, but it's pointless to plan from the beginning to end. You never know what comes next or where it will lead you. What is refreshing, however, is that the dead end isn't such a negative concept. When you're done walking your path, you're done, and you see the rewards of where you have been.

Unlike the game, however, we can't "play again." We need to make the most of where we are now, try make the best decisions, and learn from the bad ones. I guess it's easier if we were all playing alone, without our paths being entangled with others' paths. But in the end, we are only responsible for the decisions we make and paths we take.

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