It's On Purpose

I don't live my purpose every day. Actually, there are many times I wonder if I'm even walking in it. However, I know that every day, I have that blessed opportunity to "be the change you want to see in the world." There are days I fall flat on my face and do the exact opposite. But there are other times when I feel God smiling and giving me a pat on the back.

One of my favorite movies is Chariots of Fire. (Okay who started thinking of the theme song as soon as I mentioned that?) But in the movie, Eric Liddle, the Scottish missionary was torn between his sense of duty in serving God and his passion for running. He was also known as the Flying Scotsman. There is one scene when he is speaking to his sister and he opens up about his love for running. He tells her "When I run, I feel His pleasure." And of course, he won the gold for the British in the 1924 Summer Olympics.

I also believe God has a plan and has put us here on Earth for a purpose. God has given each of us gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and experiences. Rick Warren in "The Purpose Driven Life" wrote:

"The moment you were born into the world, God was there as an unseen witness, smiling at your birth...bringing enjoyment to God, living for His pleasure, is tthe first purpose of your life."

There is no such thing as just a job or just an appointment or just a position. But there is such a thing as a calling, as a purpose, as a service to do what God has called you to do. And He asks that whatever we do, in word or deed, to do it all in His name. So that we can know the pleasure of God with us.