Happy Mommy's Day

Being a mother is the best "job" in the world. But let's face it. There are times when it can really suck. It's a selfless job, but one we wouldn't trade for anything.

So Mother's Day is Sunday. It's that one day that husbands and children are required to appreciate us for what we do. Asking them to recognize EVERYTHING we do would, I believe, result in some catastrophic, mind-blowing epiphany from which they may never recover. Yeah, we mothers are actually THAT awesome.

Let me just say that not every woman is a "MOM." Birthing a child may techincally make you a mother, but you're not a MOM unless you know there is nothing in the world you wouldn't do for your child. It is that absolute knowledge and assurance that your heart will never belong to anyone else but your children. They come first. Their happiness and safety are your priority. And you cannot fathom life without them nor recall life before them. Biological or adopted. It doesn't matter. It's magical.

But there are other things that might remind us (perhaps, more than we would like) about being a mommy. You know you're a mom when:

1. You reach in your huge bag and usually find a half-eaten snack. In my case, it's usually sticky.
2. Having a lukewarm coffee or meal is the norm, though it does start off hot.
3. You are impervious to your own children's pee, puke, and poo.
4. You would rather have your child throw up on you rather than get it on the carpet.
5. You pack for an army every time you leave the house.
6. You have received a half-eaten something from your child's mouth in the palm of your hands.
7. Baby wipes are your best friend.
8. Your kisses are powerful at healing boo-boos.
9. Muttering to yourself is the norm: "WHY? I just frickin' cleaned this up!"
10. You have stepped on a toy that by glance looks innocent enough, but in the dark on the floor becomes a ninja weapon that leaves you in agony.
11. You've read "Good Night, Moon" many, many, many, many, many times.
12. You use the gift cards you get as presents to buy things for your children.
13. Sweats and yoga pants are your best friends too.
14. You cannot read, watch, or hear anything without thinking about your child or from a mom's perspective.
15. You realize that it's not about reaching your dreams anymore, but helping them live theirs.

Happy Mother's Day.