When God is Absent

My friend Rev. Ian Aitken does a Webcast sermon. I particularly like this one, because it talks about when we feel like God's spirit or presence is absent. We have all felt like we are in a spiritual exile at one time or another. We have felt discriminated and humiliated. When we need God the most, where is He?

Ian's sermon on Psalm 42 and 43 on Vimeo deals with David's depression and desperation in longing for God's presence in the midst of exile. What I like about Ian's sermons is that he doesn't just brush over this issue, but he delves deeper, giving us plenty of spiritual meat to chomp on for quite some time.

"Where do you think God is?" He asks. There is a refreshing honesty and humility in his sermon. After mulling over many aspects of emotions, inner turmoils, and possible answers regarding the Psalms, he shares, "Here's what I know to be true, that in Jesus Christ, God came to a world that was lost and dry and broken."

Perhaps that's why God seems absent when we desire Him most. In His silence, He speaks to us and identifies with us. He may not be there is the way we want, but I have faith that He is there in the way that we need.

Oh yeah, and Ian's Scottish accent is pretty cool. Follow him on Vimeo.

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